Meet Chrissy

CAJAUXRRChrissy Nickerson studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Bachelor of Design in Environmental Planning.  She also completed a one year study in Florence, Italy at the Lorenzo D’Medici Institute of Art and Design.  

Chrissy is represented by Elevation Gallery in Canmore.  She has won awards,  including the Canmore Award of Emerging Artist of the Year (2007), Mayor’s Spotlight on the Arts (2015) and  has exhibited widely across Canada in both solo and group exhibitions.  Several residencies in Banff and the Yukon are also to her credit.

Nickerson’s vivid palette and confident brushwork have propelled her popularity in her local community.  The landscapes reveal innovative techniques of interpreting the natural environment.

“Colour and bold brushwork allow me to build vivid landscape representations like big bold tapestries. Onsite, in the fresh air with my colours, is a great day spent.  I have a deep passion to interpret our world in my own unique way. The challenge of growing as an artist is constant. I have always been, and will always be, a working artist, reveling in the continued learning process.”

-Chrissy Nickerson

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