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Chrissy Nickerson has been rendering the Canadian landscape from coast to coast as a professional artist, since 2001. Her featured works represent the Acadian marshes, the Ontario Bruce Trail, the wild rivers and lakes of the Yukon and the Albertan Rocky Mountains. She proudly carried home her watercolour paintings from kindergarten and she continues today, painting what she sees in nature and bringing home landscape canvases of exceptional craftsmanship. Follow Chrissys development as a career artist now at the age of 41.

Meet the Artist - Chrissy Nickerson

Living and working in Canmore, Alberta since 2006, Nickerson’s greatest percentage of work gives unique interpretation landscape.  Bold use of colour and imaginative representation of nature are hallmarks of her work. Varied seasonal pallets of Alberta’s Wild Rose Country give Nickerson unlimited inspiration for her work as a landscape artist.

In the summers watch for Nickerson’s work in Vancouver, Ontario and Maine, USA.

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